Ter Feoner

(for the campaign setting referred to by locals as “Ter Feoner”, see Vjunsarr)

Ter Feoner is the Imperial name for the mortal realm. Ter Feoner consists of 11 continental landmass groups. According to the records of the First Empire, three gods came from beyond when the land was still barren and gave it flora, fauna, and ferra (mortals). The kinds of mortals were as numerous then as the kinds of beasts, but unlike the beasts, mortal men strove to conquer or eradicate one another.

Few records exist from the First Empire regarding the number of mortal races in Ter Feoner, and such records are inconsistent.

Other Names

  • Aherannen: the name given to the mortal realm by the dwarves of Vjunsarr.

Ter Feoner

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