Paddannan is a dwarven kingdom beneath the northern mountains. Though the kingdom originally claimed sovereignty overland, agreements with Anderland and Vos Korenal in the late 20th century gave sovereignty of most of the overland to other kingdoms.

The capital of Paddannan, Paddan Carve, is home to the Paddan Archives, the second-largest library of information in Vjunsarr.


Notable landmarks in Paddannan include:

  • Howling Gorge, a deep, narrow file through which the Talinduine flows on its way into Paddan Carve.
  • The Icecarve, a lone mountain centered by a large pillar of magical ice.
  • Kuril’s Doom and Kuril’s Wash, a deep underground lake and a dark river which feature heavily in the legend of Zaran Kuril


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