Magic is traditionally viewed in Ter Feoner as having two parts: arcanis and lore. Arcanis is the raw force and flow of magic, and can be harnessed by those with the inborn connection. Lore is the set of rules made or discovered by mortals which governs and harnesses arcanis. With sufficient practice and knowledge of lore, even those without an inborn ability to use magic can become adept with it.

Elements & Affinity

Arcanis takes the form of nine elements. All mortals and some beasts and monsters have an affinity for one element or another, and they are more comfortable in environments rich with their element. Magic users are more powerful and more adept with their own element. Conversely, those of a particular affinity are discomfited by creatures and environments rich with their element’s weakness.

Overview of Elements

  • Flame is the element of fire and its derivatives, including lightning. Those blessed by the power of Flame tend to be more quick-tempered and more passionate in their endeavors than others, but their tempers fizzle quickly if they become bored. Water is Flame’s weakness.
  • Water is the element of the sea and weather. Those blessed by Water tend to be more flexible and relaxed than others, but are more difficult to sway when determined. Nature is Water’s weakness.
  • Nature is the element of flora and growing things. Those blessed by Nature tend to prefer the outdoors and are easily identified as children by their wild, carefree tempers and distaste for civilized things like clothing. They tend to be uncomfortable in cities. Flame is Nature’s weakness.
  • Earth is the element of minerals and gems. Those blessed by Earth are slow of temper and often more single-minded than others, but are a force to be reckoned with when roused. Water is Earth’s weakness.
  • Air is the element of sky and wind. Those blessed by Air have similar temperaments to Water-types, but can be impossible to pin down when it comes to decisions or commitments. Stone is Air’s weakness.
  • Stone is the element of rock and mountain. Those blessed by Stone have similar temperaments to Earth-types, but are stubborn as mountains and will persist even when wrong. Earth is Stone’s weakness.
  • Body is the element of fauna and ferra. Those blessed by the Body element often become healers for their instinctual understanding of anatomy and the ways a creature’s physical form functions, but those who choose the warrior path are fearsome as well, capable of heroic feats of strength and agility. Air is Body’s weakness.
  • Light is an element into which few mortals are born. Those kissed by Light are identified early in life by their distaste for darkness. They tend to be sweet-tempered and happy, and can be seen as dim-witted or doltish because of it. Shadow is Light’s weakness.
  • Shadow, like Light, is an element which finds its way into few mortals. Those shrouded by its power prefer dark places and tend to be sullen and brooding, and are often dismissed or even shunned by society. Light is Shadow’s weakness.


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